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[16 Jan 2010|01:36pm]
2010 Resolutions:

1. Read 10 books
2. Eat less fast food
3. Start running again
4. 15,000 gamerscore by August 20th
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One of the many reasons why I love S-Club 7 [15 Oct 2009|10:00pm]
Dean: "Your single isn't only a hit here, it's a hit in other countries, too."
Jon: "Where abouts?"
Dean: "Latvia. You're huge in Latvia."
Jon: "We're massive in Latvia!"
Dean: "You're even bigger in Papua New Guinna."
Jon: "We're even bigger in Poppa-What's-Your-Thingy!"
Bradley: "Jon - be cool."
Dean: "And you made the top 10 in Narnia."
Hannah: "But hang on a minute, Dean. Isn't Narnia a fictitious country."
Dean: "Yes, I know. No band has ever done that before.
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[07 Mar 2009|12:43am]
I get the feeling I might be done with Livejournal. Twitter's where it's at. I enjoy posting 8 independent sentences a day much more than I enjoy posting 25 things in paragraph form every couple days.
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[01 Mar 2009|12:46am]
I didn't post here once in the month of February. I hardly noticed February go by at all. Good lord time flies.
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[31 Jan 2009|11:48pm]
Oh good lord today was awful. I was in Raleigh this morning following a night of Battlestar and drinking with 401. I got a call at 9:30 from Jamie, the other shift manager at my store. She's like, "I can't come in today. I'm sick. I can't move or I'll vomit. Can you open for me?" No, bitch. I'm in Raleigh. You knew I was in Raleigh because you asked me to cover for you yesterday evening and I told you I couldn't because I would be in Raleigh.

Well, she didn't like my answer. Apparently she'd already called everyone else she knew. Her response? "Well - just so you know, the store might not be opened when you get there at 2." Um. You can't fucking do that. You can't just not open the store. That irritates customers, fucks up sales, and does not paint a good impression for our company. She was like, "I'm probably gonna lose my job for this." If you were legitimately sick [deathly ill, apparently?] ONCE, you wouldn't lose your job. It's the fact that she's called out multiple times in the last month that makes her say something like that. She knows no one is gonna buy the bullshit anymore.

So anyways, I'm doing my thing in Raleigh. I plan on coming in about an hour earlier, but not rushing to get down there. I call the store as I'm driving back. No one answers the phone until noon. NOON. Our store wasn't open until noon. We were supposed to open at 10. Wtf. She ended up getting the store manager from the Lexington store to open [she used to work at that store, so she knew him]. I told him I'm coming a bit early. He said no rush, he'd be there until 5.

I roll up at 1 o'clock. Everything seemed ok. Justin was on the phone half the time [as I learned later, he was calling other stores bad mouthing our store and telling them to cut hours because we were blowing payroll]. About 1:20, he jumps ship. Um...thanks for the help? Not a big deal, I can get James to stay. Oh wait - James couldn't stay past 2. And Orry doesn't in until 5:30. I'm left in the store on a fucking Saturday by myself for 3.5 hours? You've got to be kidding me. And of course, it happens to be a fucking RIDICULOUSLY busy day. Reminded me some pre-Christmas days. We doubled our trades for the week. I was there for about an hour before it just became unbearable. I had seriously 5 hours of trades sitting behind me on the counter and 10 people in line. I wanted to cry. I couldn't even find time to call someone in. To make matters worse, the phone would not stop ringing I cannot for the life of me talk to people on the phone and check someone out at the same time. I had finally had to tell a customer, "Excuse me for a second. I need to call someone else to come help me."

I managed to get Bryant to come in for an hour or so. He was in sweatpants and a hoody. That's how unprofessional this day was. He helped me run register for a bit to shorten the load. At some point Brandon called and asked how things were going. I told him how shitty it was. He came in to help me out even though today was his last day of his vacation. He called our district manager in a rage [over Justin AND Jamie] and managed to get an extra vacation day. Jamie is almost certainly getting fired over this, as she should.

We didn't get the back counter back to normal [able to be handled by 2 people] until maybe 7:30. Our store is more destroyed than I've seen it since I started working there. In our hatred of Jamie, we went to The Loop in Kernersville after work. We followed it up with milkshakes from Cookout.

What sucks even worse is that I'm gonna have to take over for her in her absence. That means working at Gamestop more than I want. Which means less subbing. I'm already not subbing much because my new hours at Gamestop suuuuuck. No one listens when I say I need three days a week open for subbing.

This was the worst possible day to close for the first time by myself. I didn't even get to close by myself. Brandon took over. Argh.
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[29 Jan 2009|02:37pm]
So apparently Above & Beyond puts out a second radio show, called Anjunabeats Worldwide, in addition to the popular Trance Around the World that I'm addicted to. I feel like I've discovered this before, but it's awesome nonetheless. Every fourth episode is devoted to the Anjunadeep sublabel, which provides a good portion of the tracks I fall in love with from Trance Around the World / Anjubabeats compilations. Sweet. New never-ending source of progressive trance. :D

Also found out that Boom Jinx is putting together a full album, as are Super8 & Tab. And apparently Jaytech came out with an album. I've got it sitting on my hard drive right now :D
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[28 Jan 2009|10:15pm]
How do people in this day and age not have bank accounts?

Seriously. Who the fuck gets their paychecks cashed at Wal-Mart or something every week. Why the fuck wouldn't you just get a bank account and direct deposit. FREEEEEEEEEEEE. No stupid check-cashing fee.

Some people are just retarded.
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[27 Jan 2009|09:17pm]
As the current dream trip stands, I'd be traveling about half of this. Sounds pretty wicked. I'm getting more excited every minute.

Same site recommended US-50, but little do they know I've done it. Ha.
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[27 Jan 2009|12:37am]
I should really be in bed, but I'm just loving the way this road trip is playing out.

Rough schedule for first 30ish daysCollapse )
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[25 Jan 2009|10:40pm]
Super rough cost estimate of ridiculous road tripCollapse )

Food will probably be less. Attractions will probably be more. Gas will hopefully be less [I assumed 28mpg and $3 per gallon]. Baseball games are incredibly difficult to schedule, so I'm assuming only 4 [out of 10 possible]. Camping costs I'm not really sure about. I'm also assuming several nights of sleeping in the car.

It's looking like I might need to cut out Juneau. 1/4th of the total miles are spent driving to and from. Plus, there's the cost of a ferry. Cutting it out kind of kills the appeal of this trip, though. Oh well. For now, I'll just start saving money. I'll be doing more research over the coming weeks. Worst case scenario, though, I can just drop down to a round trip tour of Seattle / Yellowstone. That'd still be 5 new states and much more reasonable in price / time.
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[24 Jan 2009|11:43pm]
I'm revisiting my idea for a truly massive road trip. I came up with an idea back in summer for a huge road tripper from Indianapolis to Seattle. That would give me 5 new states and probably a few new baseball stadiums. I'm thinking that's currently my best plan. However, depending on how much money I'm willing to spend on this, I'd maybe like to take it up another notch. This is my current dream trip. Highlights include:

- 8 new states!! [I only need 9!]
- Baseball cities [Chicago=2, Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles=2, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston]
- Grand Canyon + Yellow Stone + Glacier National Park + option for Arches :D
- 4 new Canadian provinces
- Revisit Wisconsin [don't remember much of it!]
- Revisit Arizona / New Mexico / Texas [didn't get to see much of them previously]
- Option for a day trip to Mexico
- Trip sends me right to Indianapolis at the end of day one :D
- North to south travel in addition to east/west travel [usually only get one or the other]
- Louisiana + Mississippi on the same trip as Alaska
- 3 different groups of new states
- Southern California
- Aside from Winnipeg to Juneau to Glacier National Park, no boring stretches
- Traveling alone means less obligation to shower :D
- My mother might be interested in meeting me for part of it [Los Angeles / San Diego / Phoenix for baseball?]

Downsides include:
- Probably will require 2 months of free time
- At least $1000 in gas alone
- No one would dare go with me
- The big boring stretch between Glacier and Juneau, then having to come back the same way

Camping would be fine, but even that can run a little pricey sometimes. I'm thinking I could sleep in my car in between destination cities. I could make some window shades and tape them up at night to avoid awkwardness + morning sunshine. Amy says she has SnarkyArchies friends that would take me in. That would be...interesting. Could maybe crash with LeeAnn on the way through Texas?

I soooooooooo want to do this. Summer would be the last chance for anything huge like this. I'll be posting more thoughts on this as funding options become clearer.
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[21 Jan 2009|01:04am]
MY 750GB HARD DRIVE HAS BEEN RESCUED. Or at least salvaged! It crashed back in August and I thought I lost EVERYTHING. All my school documents since middle school, every picture I'd ever taken, a 6-year-in-the-making music collection, and a boatload of irreplaceable music. But 5 months later, out of boredom, I decided to try and salvage it one last time. AND IT FUCKING WORKED. DO YOU REALIZE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME!?!?

I saved the irreplaceable stuff first. I didn't have enough space to save everything. 750gb is more than my other hard drives combined, so I don't have much space to work with. There's quite a bit more to go back for, but for right now, I'm completely content. I got pictures, documents, AIM logs, music, Firefox bookmarks, DWI, etc. All that's left are unsorted TV episodes and install programs.

This is absolutely amazing. This whole week has been amazing.
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[18 Jan 2009|10:08pm]
Finally caved in and bought shoes.
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[17 Jan 2009|10:53pm]
One of the perks of working at Gamestop is that I get to listen to techno all day. We have a TV on the counter that's supposed to play game trailers and promos, but instead, we play our ipods. Brandon is really into techno. His tastes are very close to mine, which makes an 8-hour shift with him a musical odyssey for both of us. I've found a lot of good stuff through him. I've got him hooked on Royksopp and Tiesto.

I'm currently preparing a fuckload of radio shows for him. Above & Beyond [my favorite DJs at the moment] has a 2 hour show each week called Trance Around the World. I've got the last 10 episode downloading. Every episode is better than almost all the other live mixes from any other DJs I've ever heard [only serious competition is Oakenfold @ The Rojan].

I really want a bigger ipod so I can hold more stuff for work. It's really hard to keep music fresh when you listen 20 hours a week at work + 7-8 hours a week in the car. 2GB is not sufficient. I could get one for a reasonable sum if I use my Target gift cards. I'm thinking purple 16GB nano or black 120gb classic. Thoughts?
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[13 Jan 2009|11:46pm]


[Mine says Ortiz on it with the number, but I couldn't find a picture that had the name and the number.]
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[11 Jan 2009|03:15pm]
I just went through my closet, looking for stuff to give to Goodwill. Found a super awesome shirt from Express from 2 or 3 years ago. Appears to have never been worn. Sweet! I'll be wearing that to work tomorrow :D
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[08 Jan 2009|08:51pm]

I can't help but dance to this song. It's so freaking catchy. Cool video, too.
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[07 Jan 2009|07:24pm]
Went to the mall the other day in an effort to use my Old Navy gift card I got for Christmas. I forgot how much Old Navy sucks. It's awful, actually. There wasn't a single thing I was even mildly interested in. I'm thinking boxers might be the way to go.

While at the mall, I got two really nice shirts from Express. I love their shirts. Afterwards, I went to Barnes and Noble. B&N is Gamestop's parent company, so we get a discount there [30%]. I got two Nikoli puzzle books - slitherlink and masyu. I also got Einstein's Dream by Alan Lightman, the book that inspired Braid, a haunting game I'm still obsessed with.

Yesterday I went to Target to try and use my $120 gift card. I found nothing particularly interesting, but I did snag a Rubik's Revolution keychain for 60 cents [90% off]. I also got some labels for my map project. Now if I can just figure out how use my printer with them, I'll be golden. Of course, to do that, I would need Microsoft Word, which until now I didn't realize I was missing. It takes forever to download a copy, too. Boo!

I got Orbient off WiiWare with some Wii points I got a while back. Have to say I'm a little irritated by the presence of asteroids that can't be absorbed. Makes the game really difficult. I also hate that the game is 600 points instead of 500. That leaves me 100 points shy of getting World of Goo.

Is anyone still in Kernersville? If so, want to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and hit CiCi's Pizza in High Point? Maybe...Saturday?
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[01 Jan 2009|11:32pm]
I'm actually posting it this year. I usually get halfway through and never finish. 2007's is still a private, unfinished entry. I think 2005 is the same.

2008 Year in ReviewCollapse )

Overall, awesome year. Being out of school means much less stress.
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Christmas haul + stuff I bought myself [28 Dec 2008|04:21pm]
Didn't get much in the way of GIFTS for Christmas. Lot of gift cards, though. I got a LOT of stuff for myself before and after Christmas. Here's what I've taken in so far and what I have left on my gift cards.

$7.xx left on Wal-Mart GC
$20.35 left on Gamestop GC
$21.34 on Target GC after returning GPS case that I already had
$100 on Target GC
$100 cash
$25 Threadless GC

Couple different Threadless posters [notably this and this]
3 Threadless shirts [#1, #2, and #3]

Best of Test on DS [IQ test puzzles]
Hotel Dusk on DS
Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass on DS
Mystery Case Files: Millionheir for DS
The New York Times Crosswords for DS
Picross on DS
Prism on DS
Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS
Trauma Center: Under the Knife on DS

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts for Xbox 360
Wii points

Sweater from American Eagle [charcoal]
Gloves / mittens from American Eagle [charcoal]
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster
Second belt of ammo for the Vulcan
4x Quantum of Solace tickets
Working cigarette lighter in my car [now I can charge my GPS!]


I'm really glad I'm enjoying my DS again. There was a 10 month period there where I didn't touch the damn thing. I was thinking of trading it in, actually. But now I love it again thanks to Tara and her puzzle games. Picross is AWESOME. Aside from Legend of Zelda and Trauma Center, all the other games I've gotten are puzzle games. There's a jumble game coming out in January. I think I might get that with the funds I have left over on my Gamestop gift card :D
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